Tips and tricks for ordering tickets

It's one of the most frequently asked questions when we announce a show: How do I get a hold on those precious tickets? Photo: Ben Houdijk


Before we give you the first tip, we have to be fair. When more people want to go to an event than there are tickets, some people will be left disappointed. That’s a fact and something to take into account. But with the right preparation you can prevent a lot of stress and questions. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips for when ordering those precious tickets.

Step 1. Preparation

Make sure that you already have an account at Ticketmaster.nl. You can do this easily through this link. By already providing us with your personal details, you can save a lot of time during the ordering process. Already have an account? Make sure you’re logged in, as this also saves time.

Step 2. Information

Knowledge is power, as they say. If you’re subscribed to our weekly newsletter, you’ll never miss announcements of shows, big and small. You can subscribe to our newsletter via your account. Is your favorite artist coming to a town near you? Immediately look on the website of this artist or the promotor of the event to see if there is a presale. More and more artists and promotors are trying to give a select group of fans a head start on ticket sales! Try to read everything there is to find about the event you want to go to and the corresponding ticket sale. We inform our followers through this blog, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and an always up to date FAQ on our website.

Step 3. The ticket sale almost starts

The moment of truth: the day of the ticket sale is here. You’re probably up early, because you absolutely don’t want to miss out. But does it help to be at our website really early? No, but you can prepare yourself by already logging in to your account. When a ticket sale starts at, for example, 10 am, there could already be a lot of people at our website. To regulate this crowd, everyone will be placed in a ‘waiting room’. On 10 am sharp, the virtual gates will open and everyone will get a random place in the queue.

Why do we do this? Because a waiting room only forms when it’s really busy at our website. It would be impossible to determine who’s first in line. This way, everbody get’s a fair chance on tickets.

Step 4. During the ticket sale

People who’ve been in our queue before probably know the saying ‘Keep calm and don’t refresh!’. So do as said, and don’t refresh. When you’re seeing the Ticketmaster blue page with the queue circle, you’re at the right place. If you do refresh (or open a new tab with a queue), you can negatively influence your place in the queue. The best thing to do is to wait patiently until it’s your turn. Through our queue and our Twitter feed we’ll keep you up to date about the current state of affairs concering the ticket sale. We will also notify you if the event is sold out.

Note: Recently, we started working with a new queue! With this, we say goodbye to the famous blue screen. The new queue works a bit different than the old one, so we’ll explain it for you. Before the sale starts, you can see a clock that counts down to start of the ticket sale. When it hits zero, you’ll see a small circle on the right side of your screen (don’t refresh!). After this, you can select your tickets and select continue. At this point you don’t have tickets yet. You only ensured your place in the queue. From that point on, you will have to and don’t refresh and just wait on your tickets.

Step 5. After the ticket sale

Tickets in the pocket? YES! Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We like to celebrate with you! Don’t panic if you can’t immediately see your tickets in your mail box. It can take up to 24 hours to receive the tickets.

Didn’t manage to get tickets? Bummer! We understand that this can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes, the promotor can arrange the booking of a second show. When we’ll hear something about this, we’ll let you know right away. In other cases, the promotor chooses to create a ‘spare list’. When you enroll to this, you’ll be notified via mail when there are extra tickets for your event. This is in no way a guarantee for getting tickets, but is certainly a second chance for the fans who missed out.

We hope that this clarified a lot about the way we do ticket sales here at Ticketmaster. Still got questions? Contact us through this link.